José Salas Subirat: “Translating is the most attentive way of reading.”

Although both James Joyce and his editor Sylvia Beach included Spain from the first moment in their international promotion strategy for Ulysses, and (...)

For many of us, and for a variety of reasons, certain books become like old friends and the best of those friendships often begin in childhood – a time when a love of books is first fostered. Photograph: iStock

They said it was a dying phenomenon, that our new age of ebooks and Kindle would lead to the demise of the printed word. They were wrong and we should(...)

Actors Anouk Aimee and Robert De Niro present Bernardo Bertolucci with a special award for his film The Last Emperor during the 1987 Cannes International Film Festival. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Forty-six years ago, Pauline Kael, the New Yorker’s influential film critic, did not hold back when heralding the debut of Bernardo Bertolucci’s Last (...)

Demonstrators at the March for Choice in Dublin last Saturday. Photograph: Tom Honan/PA Wire

It is a great Irish achievement to make the question of termination so utterly interminable. Abortion is the Jarndyce and Jarndyce of Irish politics, (...)

The Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges in Dublin, where he  attended an international Joyce symposium in 1982. Photograph: Eddie Kelly

The world has been transformed by the internet. Google, founded just 20 years ago, is a major force in online information. The company name is a missp(...)

Anne Sheeran: ‘Ireland is familiar. Daily life is easy. I get in the car and I know where I’m going. I meet strangers and I know the foundations of small talk: weather; politics; the price of cat food.’

I had never considered myself an emigrant. I spent two and a half years away from Ireland, but not once did the word emigrant or emigration come into(...)

 James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’:  Borges was an early fan of Ulysses –“A total reality teems vociferously in the pages”.

Though he was only 16 when it happened and nowhere near it, writer Jorge Luis Borges is at the centre of an exhibition on the Easter Rising that recen(...)

‘After my three isolating years in small town rural Ontario, Montreal was love at first sight, but it wasn’t home. Only Belfast could be home, as only Mum could be Mum.’

Jorge Luis Borges once wrote: “The labyrinth of London disorients me”, which may describe how you will feel when you leave home and arrive in a major(...)

Patrick Pearse:  as a product of his time he would have “hated” the idea of same-sex marriage.

Suffering from commemoration fatigue? Don’t worry, the decade of centenaries programme has only another six years to run. What’s the point of it al(...)

‘Woyzeck’, an art musical that demands your full attention

The warning was explicit: “If you’re going through Sydney on the train, don’t get off at Redfern.” Redfern is an inner-city suburb once identified w(...)

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