“I think a lot of what we call contentment is delusional,” notes US songwriter John Murry, who has made Ireland his home for the past six years ((...)

Dublin-based Sligo songwriter Myles Manley has been roaming along the fringes for more than 10 years, initially in New York, where he involved himself(...)

The Saw Doctors: joyous music and  irreverent,  beguilingly smart lyrics. Photograph: Terry Thorp/The Irish Times

When I was young and stupid I hated the Saw Doctors. For the briefest of spells in the late 1980s we were even rivals on Galway’s music scene. I say r(...)

Originally from Prince Edward Island in Canada but now based in the rather more structured cityscape of Toronto, Kiwi Jr provide the year’s first glim(...)

Jamie Foxx and Ansel Elgort in Baby Driver

In the bravura opening sequence to Edgar Wright’s best film in over a decade, the titular Baby Driver (Ansel Elgort) transports a party of bank robber(...)

Jonathan Richman: “His path and the truth always had to be aligned”

Jonathan Richman is an enigma. A beautiful one. The truth is never far away in any one of his many types of songs. He wears his heart on his sleeve. (...)

True, naming a band after the ancient pagan god of child sacrifice isn’t necessarily the way to make friends and influence people. But if Los Angeles(...)

One of the most unusual events at this year’s First Fortnight is Co-Motion at St Stephen’s Green this Sunday at 2pm. Celebrating the healing power (...)

Neneh Cherry: the Buffalo Stance lady has been working with Kieran Hebden (Four Tet) of late. Photograph: Rafa Rivas/AFP/Getty Images

It can happen just like that. One day you’re another heritage act plodding away two levels above the wedding band circuit.You’ve had your hits, but th(...)