The departures are likely to be the largest fall in Britain’s population since the second World War, according to a statistical analysis of official data. Photograph: Ben Fathers/AFP via Getty

Coronavirus has sparked an exodus of immigrants from the UK and what is likely to be the largest fall in Britain’s population since the second World W(...)

“The economic relationship between the EU and UK is rather like Canada’s with the US” Photograph: AFP via Getty

After four and a half painful years, we have reached the end of the beginning of Brexit. We have a deal. It is, inevitably, a damaging deal for the Br(...)

British prime minister Theresa May campaigning in Eshott airfield, Northumberland, in May. She has repeatedly rejected the idea of excluding students from the Conservatives’ target of bringing net migration down to the tens of thousands. Photograph:  Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Theresa May’s determination to continue counting foreign students in the British government’s immigration target left her increasingly isolated on Thu(...)

£350m a week for the NHS: Boris Johnson’s claim was founded on some pretty shaky maths. Photograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty

“We send the EU £350m a week. Let’s fund our NHS instead” Claim made by: Vote Leave The most controversial pro-Brexit slogan was paraded on(...)

Nigel Farage: after he  retired as leader of Ukip, the Conservative Party effectively took up his Brexit policies.

One of the unforeseen consequences of last June’s Brexit referendum was the subsequent wholesale adoption of the Ukip policy platform by the ruling To(...)

“Berlin or Boston?” used to be the question, but maybe Ireland has more in common with Toronto. Photograph: Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images

Immigration is good for the economy. Despite rumours to the contrary, economists sometimes agree and one area of unanimous professional opinion is on (...)