An  image provided by Nasa shows Jupiter’s north polar region, taken by the Juno spacecraft 195,000km  away from the planet. Unlike the equatorial region’s familiar structure of belts and zones, the poles are mottled with rotating storms of various sizes, similar to giant versions of hurricanes on Earth. Jupiter’s poles have not been seen from this perspective since the Pioneer 11 spacecraft flew by the planet in 1974. Photograph: Nasa/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS via AP)

The ghostly sounds of the solar system’s “baddest” planet Jupiter have been beamed back to Earth. Nasa spacecraft Juno has captured the best views o(...)

Jupiter appears to be wearing a luminous crown in this Hubble Space Telescope image showing an aurora over one of the planet’s poles. Photograph: NASA/ESA/PA

Astronomers have used the powerful Hubble space telescope to capture images of the luminous auroras that light up the poles of Jupiter. Jupiter, th(...)