Most beer is still drunk in bars but off-trade sales rose to 36.5 per cent last year

Despite an overall fall in consumption of alcohol in recent years beer sales are on the rise, a new report shows. The Irish Brewers Association annua(...)

Beer remains the most popular alcoholic drink in the Republic

Sales of low and non-alcoholic beer jumped by 60 per cent in the Republic last year and most consumers are keen to see more of these products on sale (...)

Ireland’s beer industry directly employs 1,064 people and contributed €424 million to the exchequer through excise taxes last year

The craft beer revolution continues to take hold in Ireland with about 100 microbreweries now operating around the country, according to new research.(...)

According to the Irish Brewers’ Association  annual report, beer now accounts for 21 per cent of Ireland’s total beverage exports, which was valued at €1.26 billion last year. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

The amount of beer brewed in Ireland increased by 6 per cent last year, on the back of a sharp rise in output from microbreweries, a new report shows(...)

Alcoholic beverage exports were valued at €1.2 billion in 2014, with beer exports accounting for 19 per cent or €22.8 billion of the total value

Beer consumption rose for the first time in a decade in Ireland last year as more drinkers joined the craft beer revolution. A new report from the Iri(...)