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Apple chief executive Tim Cook pictured at Wednesday’s  product launch event in Cupertino, California  Photograph: The New York Times

A year ago, Apple made a daring bet with the iPhone X: that customers would pay as much as $1,000 (€860) for a giant leap forward in smartphone techno(...)

Apple had originally planned to build a single vehicle that would upend society and industry, in what would be the automotive version of the iPhone. Photograph: David Gray/Reuters

Apple once had grand aspirations to build its own electric self-driving car and lead the next generation of transportation. Over time, the tech giant’(...)

Facundo Diaz, co-founder and chief executive officer of Vrtify, wears a pair of Microsoft HoloLens glasses  at the SXSW Interactive Festival earlier this month

Apple and Facebook are gearing up to challenge start-up Magic Leap and Microsoft’s HoloLens in the race to create a pair of augmented reality glasses(...)

Benson & Rixon in Chicago, US

“The most important thing we set in our design criteria is we wanted to create very distinct experiences for customers, in what they perceive as a pub(...)

Constraint gets a bad name. Negative associations with restrictions and boundaries come to mind easily. The central idea of this book, however, is tha(...)

It’s the job of any industry analyst to think about the future. But for Stephen Prentice, a vice-president and fellow with analyst Gartner, “the futur(...)

Apple customers across the globe are expected to download the company’s latest operating system today which has been hailed as a new beginning for the(...)