The scale of recommended pay outs includes over €19,000 in general damages for a finger sprain, almost €28,000 for a minor wrist sprain and €20,000 for minor soft tissue damage in the foot. Photograph: iStock

A leading insurance broker for small businesses has called on the Government to overhaul the current system for minor injuries awards, proposing that (...)

Insurance for older motorists: In one case, the difference between the cheapest and the dearest premium quoted was over €800

A worrying new trend has emerged in insurance prices, and once again it’s one that affects drivers of a specific age. This time around, it’s not young(...)

Insurance is really the deciding factor when it comes to any first car choice. If you’re under 30, you’re going to get hammered for that first-year premium. Photograph: Getty Images/Ikon Images

So what, then, is the best first car? If ever a question was a loaded one . . . “Your first car is the aperitif to your driving life. But it is also (...)

The collapse of Setanta Insurance has left 60,000 drivers with the same renewal date: April 17th.

The collapse of Setanta Insurance is leading to renewal chaos for van drivers as more than 60,000 of them have the same renewal date – April 17th – th(...)

A number of home insurance providers, including Zurich, are currently offering multi-year insurance policies with cover available for up to three years. Photograph: iStockphoto

You’ve probably heard of multi-trip travel insurance, whereby one policy will cover you for a number of trips throughout a year. But what about multi(...)

Broker suggest insurers offer a nine or 15 month policy to get some drivers off the same date

About 60,000 van drivers who held policies with the now defunct Setanta Insurance face premium increases in a constricted market as they share a commo(...)

Tim Redfern’s motor insurance renewal quote was €600, up from €456 the previous year, but he shopped around and eventually got his cover renewed for €404

Irish motorists could be forgiven for thinking car insurance companies are making it up as they go along. Take Robert Bogue’s case. He is in his 30s, (...)