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While physical bullying is decreasing, online bullying and mental health problems are growing among pupils, an Oireacthas committee has heard. Photograph: iStock

Parents “bubble-wrapping” their children and increased use of social media appear to be damaging the mental health of young people, a school manager h(...)

The business model of sites such as OnlyFans, which is essentially young women making and selling videos for men to masturbate to, is creepy and wrong. Photograph: iStock

A YouTube vlogger with 10 million subscribers called Gabi DeMartino has been banned from OnlyFans, the subscription-based site which mostly publishes (...)

Farrah Storr: “With the Tess Holliday cover, it doesn’t matter if people agree or not. It matters that they’re having the conversation”

The week I meet Farrah Storr is a big one for her: so big in fact, that I’m almost certain she will cancel and reschedule. The magazine she edits – Co(...)

Trump supporters:  Forty-two per cent of American adults are classified as white working class. For two decades they have seen incomes shrink in favour, as they see it, of welfare recipients, “identity groups”, graduates and the rich.

Did I tell you Donald Trump is a vulgar, foul-mouthed, meat-faced, 71-year-old redneck buffoon? To be honest, he is a fossil-fuel guzzling, Big Mac-ea(...)

US president Donald Trump winces while delivering remarks on the protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12, 2017. Public perception of the flawed character of politicians is one of the strongest causes of voter detachment from politics. Photograph: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst

Almost everyone would agree that liberal democracy, allowing us to rule ourselves while protecting our individual rights and freedom, is an invaluable(...)

Paul Krugman, field-marshal of an American left, wailed of Trump’s voters: “I don’t fully understand this resentment.” Why don’t the poor blame the conservatives? Photograph: Getty Images

I have no tribe. I have no comfort blanket, no default button that enables me to join the prevailing hysteria and cry in unison, “Of course, it’s all (...)

Sombreros: Banned at the University of East Anglia lest they cause offence. Getty

Two weeks ago the student union of the University of East Anglia banned a Tex-Mex restaurant called Pedro’s from distributing sombreros during fresher(...)

‘I watched the recent Newsnight interview with Yvette Cooper in amazement. How many people was she out to alienate?’ Photograph:  Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Who is really powerful in the British Labour party? Who wins votes, decides policies, commands budgets, doles out jobs? Who knows how to run something(...)

“Earlier this month Donald Trump, comedy caricature made inexplicably popular flesh, single-handedly rendered the major general redundant.” Photograph: Reuters

The time has come to retire the words “political correctness”. We’ll get by. We managed for centuries without a term to describe overly censorious pol(...)

“Tough” managers often mistakenly think that putting pressure on employees will increase performance

There’s an age-old question out there: is it better to be a “nice” leader to get your staff to like you? Or to be tough as nails to inspire respect(...)