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An Abortion Rights Campaign postcard sent to members of the Oireachtas earlier this year. The Abortion Rights Campaign, supported by the US-based Catholics for Choice, today urged the Government to repeal the 1983 anti-abortion amendment and introduce “workable” abortion laws. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

The campaign for “free, safe and legal” access to abortions in Ireland takes to the streets tomorrow as part of a global day of action.The Abortion Ri(...)

Taoiseach Enda Kenny said in Dundalk that Pope Francis was “a very different personality to any of his predecessors. I think he recognises the challenge that faces the church and he is trying to address that in a very different way.” Photograph: AP

Taoiseach Enda Kenny was among those who yesterday welcomed the call by Pope Francis for a new balance within the Catholic Church and greater involvem(...)

Minister of State for Sport Michael Ring: “No scripts today! If you cannot speak without a script for thee minutes ye shouldn’t be in the job you’re in,” he told his EU counterparts.  Photograph: Gareth Chaney/Collins

What’s going to happen next month when we aren’t in charge of Europe any more? All we’ll have to amuse us is the fight to save the Seanad. It’s concen(...)