Jolanta Burke

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 Members of the wellbeing committee at  St Wolstan’s Community School in Celbridge, Co Kildare. They are   teachers Laura Gerraghty and Margaret Bennett, and pupils   Rosaleen Byrne (15), Codi Long (15), Swati Joshi (14) and Beth Corry (17). Photograph: Aidan Crawley

The wellbeing of Irish secondary school students decreases steadily from first year through to sixth, with girls suffering more of a decline than boys(...)

Happy days: children enjoy the adventure of going away and having their parents to themselves for seven days

When one of my teenage sons started rhapsodising at the dinner table one dark winter’s evening about how that summer’s holiday had been “one of the be(...)

People who have been bullied at school tend to be more optimistic than their peers  when they face negative situations in the future.  Illustration: iStockphoto

School’s out and, for some, leaving school behind also means leaving bullying behind. They carry the scars – but it’s not all bad news. As you might e(...)

 Jolanta Burke, positive psychologist and PhD researcher at Trinity College Dublin, says that the kind of feedback you give a child is crucial.Photograph: Eric Luke

We all want our children to be happy and the temptation, in this era of “over-parenting”, is to rush in to try to fix their problems. A child down (...)