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Morrissey’s Autobiography received many positive reviews, including praise from myself in The Irish Times, but I believe this work is better written and probably more insightful. By the end, I was left thinking, “If Johnny Marr’s long-awaited memoir is anywhere near as self-analytic, emotionally honest, observant or elegantly written as this, then it surely will be universally acclaimed as the music book of the year.”

The memoir of a former Smith, whose involvement with the band did not last beyond their first performance, might seem an unedifying read but such assu(...)

Questlove, whose Mo’ Meta Blues shies from the conventional

You used to know where you stood with music books. If they were authorised biographies and written with the subject’s permission and co-operation, (...)

Among the highlights of Tramore Ska Fest will be a performance  by 2Tone legends The Beat, led by Rankin Roger.

Mention of ska music will dredge up many different memories among fans of a certain age. The genre is undergoing a mini-revival of sorts(...)