John Watters

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Do blackbirds find the modern city stressful?  Illustration: Michael Viney

A few mornings before the cold swept down, I stepped out into mild air and dense sea fog. Webbed in bare branches, a tracery fading through sepia to g(...)

In the 1980s there were about 5,000 breeding pairs of curlew in the Republic; today, surveys have found fewer than 150 pairs.

A rippling line of lapwings, freshly risen from wetland, can be a mesmerising sight on a winter’s day. As their dark, floppy wings rise and fall the (...)

Mistle thrush: first recorded in Ireland in 1808. Illustration: Michael Viney

Plucking the latest thatch of silver threads from my hairbrush, I open the bedroom window and leave the little wisp to shiver on the sill. It quickly (...)

A modern pleasure:  goldfinches at the peanut feeder. Illustration: Michael  Viney

Goldfinches are my birds of paradise – or as near, now, as I am ever likely to get. A little flock of these glorious birds has been commuting between (...)