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CPL Fuels has been pushing for the introduction of a long-delayed nationwide smoky coal ban by the Government

Laboratory tests show smoky coal is being improperly labelled as smokeless and sold in areas where it is banned, with sulphur levels almost three tim(...)

A ban on smoky coal was first introduced in Dublin in 1990, and has been adopted by many towns and cities across the country. Photograph: Getty Images

Irish citizens’ lives are being endangered by Government inaction on smoky coal and must be put ahead of “vested commercial interests”, a group of sci(...)

In 2007, Prof John Sodeau and his colleagues from UCC’s Centre for Research into Atmospheric Chemistry applied for a grant to study the effect of ship(...)

Dr Fiachra Long, head of UCC’s school of education, poses to take a selfie in Cork city in front of a backdrop, which gives the impression he is in the Caribbean, as he discusses nanotechnology. Photograph: Clare Keogh

University College Cork has successfully launched a social media campaign aimed at presenting complex ideas and research in a straightforward way to a(...)

Air pollution is responsible for over 1,650 premature deaths in Ireland every year.  File photograph: Getty Images

Deteriorating air quality in Cork city has led to a monitoring station being installed. Recent research conducted by University College Cork indicate(...)

Photograph: Getty Images

Children are at risk of dangerous levels of air pollution inside cars because exposure to toxic air is often far higher inside than outside vehicles, (...)