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Family fun in St Dominic’s Park, Drogheda,  1-5pm, Monday

Bray International Jazz Festival, Co Wicklow, May 3-6 One of Ireland’s most established jazz festivals, this four-day event turns the north Wicklow s(...)

Fred Hersch, one of the most respected musicians on the New York jazz scene, plays the Bray Jazz Festival

Ten years ago, as he lay recovering from an illness that many thought would end his life, let alone his career, Fred Hersch’s doctor said something th(...)

“Music isn’t all flowers and candy,” says Matt Wilson, “it has to have some edge to it.” In support of that conclusion, Honey and Salt is the US drumm(...)

Star cast cuts loose

The list of names alone is enough to make most jazz listeners salivate like starving dogs. Separately, drummer Jack DeJohnette, bassist Larry Grenadie(...)

The name of Baltimore vibraphonist Warren Wolf may not be too well known, but the sidemen he has called on for his third release on well-funded US in(...)

Seems everyone in the jazz world these days is busting genres, mixing styles and crossing boundaries, but here is a record from the deep water(...)

Antonio Sanchez: Three Times Three
  • Music
  • September 26, 2014, 00:00

Antonio Sanchez, current incumbent of the drum stool in Pat Metheny’s world-beating group, takes time off from the day job to make three different (...)

Mentored at New York University by John Scofield and George Garzone, bassist Michael Feinberg is part of a new generation for whom the old division(...)

John Scofield: one of ‘the big 75’ of contemporary jazz guitar

It’s the week of the 50th anniversary of the Beatles arrival in America, and I’m in a taxi heading into downtown Manhattan. Images of the four fres(...)

Edmar Castañeda: ‘They sent me pictures of all these little kids playing my harp, and I thought: that’s amazing, one day I was like that’

Airport security being what it is these days, there are probably easier things to drag around the world than a full-sized harp. But when it comes to d(...)