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The Supreme Court’s unanimous decision in the case of Dublin businessman Ronan McNamee has implications for 26 others involved in similar “straddle” transactions involving what the Revenue estimates are total potentially recoverable tax sums of € 110million.

A Supreme Court decision has cleared the way for the Revenue Commissioners to continue its pursuit of a number of wealthy taxpayers whom it believes e(...)

‘The current exhibition in Marsh’s, which runs until the end of August 2015, examines what Joyce read during his visits to the Library in October 1902. Strangely, for somebody usually seen as one of Ireland’s most famous non-believers, he was interested in St Francis of Assisi and the Franciscan tradition.’ Photograph:  Bryan O’Brien

Yesterday marked 133 years to the day since James Joyce was born. Like many people, I have long had mixed views about Joyce. I enjoyed Dubliners ve(...)

The Chief Justice, Ms Justice Susan Denham, said the sides should prepare the appeal for hearing after which the court would consider the position.

The Revenue Commissioners’ powers to tackle “aggressive” tax avoidance schemes put in place by “certain categories of taxpayers” is at the centre of a(...)