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Maybe that Morrissey was right.

Things aren’t looking good for your favourite striploin. Early in May, the British Medical Journal put it succinctly: “Evidence continues to emerge li(...)

“Food is there to be celebrated, not feared”

Part of the problem we all face when it comes to scrutinising our diet is the fact that well-meaning people usually recommend we should do something d(...)

Michael Shanks with his first trout on opening day of 1.1kg on Corrib.

The Great Fishing Houses of Ireland has produced a fabulous new website of Ireland’s 10 premier game angling houses guaranteed to catch the eye of the(...)

Milk has become the latest food to be gifted its own menu. Photograph: iStock

‘Raw Jersey milk okay?” asked the barista from Golden Bean Coffee. The lady in the queue directly ahead of me said yes, that was fine, she would like (...)

Bono shows his appreciation to the Croke Park crowd during U2's 360 Tour performance in July 2009. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Sometimes, as Sean Spicer is finding out in the White House, it’s the simple questions which are the hardest to answer. For music fans, and especiall(...)

The number of microbreweries in Ireland has exploded in the past five years - growing from 15 in 2012 to over 90 this year. File photograph: Getty Images

Ireland’s first ever degree programme in the art of brewing and distilling will aid an expanding indigenous industry “crying out for graduates”, the c(...)

Guess who’s cooking dinner? Fifteen of Ireland’s top chefs are swapping kitchens  and tickets have just gone on sale

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to dine on roast quail and chateaubriand in the rarified surroundings of Le Coq Hardi, former taoiseach Char(...)

The Cereal Killer Cafe stall, which will be at this year's Electric Picnic

Since its inception, food has played an important role at the Electric Picnic. We can still remember munching on crepes stuffed with Brie, vegetabl(...)

A man  building  a shelter in the migrant camp  in Calais, France. Photograph: Yui Mok/PA Wire

The landscapes of emigration, migration, exile and return are complex ones of loss, enrichment, suffering and enduring hope. Every time I hear about t(...)

Making carbonara is difficult. Because there is little or nothing to it, the potential for failure is huge. Photograph: Thinkstock

There is a widely held, romantic notion that the children of cooks and food writers are themselves gifted cooks, their skills learnt through patient i(...)

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