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John Banville, when asked to contribute to a collection of six-word “stories”, wrote: “Should have lived more, written less”. Photograph: Roberto Ricciuti/Getty Images

It’s not the best marketing line for a memoir. “It’s rather short on facts about myself,” says John Banville, sphinx-like. He prefers to call it a qu(...)

Although slightly off the beaten path, ‘First Editions’ is really worth a visit and the contents of the shop will delight book lovers of all types and ages. Photograph: Declan Clancy

Who collects books these days? “Mostly men in their 50s and upwards,” according to Allan Gregory the proprietor of ‘First Editions’ who specialises in(...)

If you were asked to name the book or books that defined Ireland for you, which would you choose? That’s the challenge UCD academics and bestsellin(...)

Religion can often be a source of conflict in families, as Joyce’s fiction, and his life, showed. Photograph: Hulton Getty

The standard literature on the development of adolescents does not tend to profile teenage rebellion in respect of the faith commitments of their pare(...)