John Markham

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Katie and John Markham of ECL. The family-run executive transport company is now  entering a new phase through marketing and social media skills

“It started off as a glamorous enterprise, stretch limousines being used for the likes of debs, weddings and parties,” recalls John Markham, co-founde(...)

North Dublin based competitive dahlia grower Christopher White examines some of his show dahlias. Photograph: Richard Johnston

Lines of neatly labelled vases filled with picture-perfect gladioli, roses and dahlias, vegetables arranged like Dutch still lifes, polished jars of (...)

The new dahlia garden in Aras an Uachtarain, which contains several Irish-bed cultivars include Dahlia ‘John Markham’. Photograph: Richard Johnston

What does it feel like to have a plant named after you? Someone who knew the answer to that question was the late John Markham, the greatly respect(...)

Nocino is an Italian liqueur made from green, unripe walnuts steeped in spirit for several months. Photograph: Richard Johnston

While I’d love to gleefully claim that my garden has been awash with a glut of tasty, home-grown, organic produce all summer long, the truth is tha(...)

John Markham, who has died aged 74, made a significant contribution to Irish horticulture, both locally and nationally. It was the passion of his life(...)