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Pope Francis: “A particular kind of parish priest, of course, one completely orthodox but utterly aware of and compassionate towards human frailty. The kind of priest who is a bit garrulous, prone to re-telling anecdotes, but is nobody’s fool.”  ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP/Getty Images

Early on in his papacy, Pope Francis visited St Anna, a small Augustinian church where the few hundred personnel who live and work in the Vatican atte(...)

Pope Francis celebrates the closing Mass of the Synod on the Family. He announced a new Vatican office for Catholic laity and families. Slow, slow progress, but progress, nonetheless. Photograph: Ettore Ferrari/EPA.

Here are some things that did not get much attention from those who covered the recent Synod on the Family. As usual, all the focus was on the politic(...)

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The tag line of new website Crux, sums it up neatly: it is “Covering all things Catholic”. Crux (at is latest vertical offering from the (...)

An Evangelical church, located about 245km (152 miles) south of Cairo, was recently burnt out. Photograph: Reuters

For very understandable reasons, current Irish coverage of Egypt is likely to focus on the Halawa family, the four Irish siblings who were caught up i(...)