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Val Dempsey (73) who has been climbing Croagh Patrick on Reek Sunday for more than 30 years. Photograph: Ellen O’Riordan

Summer would not be complete for 73-year-old Val Dempsey without a venture up Ireland’s holiest mountain on the last weekend of July. From Minane Bri(...)

Sil Fox at home: ‘I just want to get back to telling a gag and making people happy.’ Photograph: Tom Honan

Sil Fox hasn’t really been himself since the day in early 2019 When he got a phone call asking him to come down to a Garda station There’s no gu(...)

Dame study, by Francis Matthews

Penumbra Megan Burns and Francis Matthews. Molesworth Gallery, 16 Molesworth St, Dublin. Until October 18th Two approaches to space, the final front(...)

Heathrow wants to build a third runway but its expansion programme has proved controversial. Photograph: iStock

A former army barracks and Michelin’s former plant in the North have been shortlisted as possible locations for a new offsite construction hub that wi(...)

Herds in Somaliland: In the north towards the Somaliland coast, thousands of goats, sheep, cows and even drought-hardy camels are buried in mass graves. Photograph: James Jeffrey

After slitting the goat’s throat the teenage boy wipes both sides of his blade on the goat’s body slumped on the arid ground, its eyes blinking as it (...)