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Who’s right? According to psychologist John Gottman, 69 per cent of all couple arguments are never resolved in the course of a couple’s lifetime.

Question: Myself and my wife met through work almost 20 years ago. She is much more of a high-flyer than I am – very bright and exceptionally skilled (...)

‘Many people are getting more belonging than, maybe, they ever wanted at the moment.’ Photograph: iStock

During one of US president Donald Trump’s rounds of woman-bashing, the governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer declared that she would be maintaining “a(...)

As we approach St Valentine’s Day it is natural that our hearts and wallets turn to the special one in our lives. But beyond the superficial, transien(...)

Photograph: iStock

Question: I moved to Ireland four years ago to work in the IT sector. This was never meant to be a permanent move. I came here to work in a small but (...)

The person doing the stonewalling – the silent one – is probably  ‘flooded’ emotionally. Photograph: iStock

If you live in a city it’s not rare to see couples fighting on the street, unless you happen to dwell in the sort of area where rows go on behind dis(...)

Divorce is painful and costly on an emotional level but it also costs the exchequer a huge amount of money. People’s mental and physical health deteriorates.

Although no results are available at the time of writing, it is safe to presume that the referendum on removing time limits on divorce from the Consti(...)

Photograph: Jena Ardell/Moment/Getty

The architecture of our intimate lives is changing. Irish couples have more choice than ever about how they want to design their relationships, and th(...)

In the first flush of a relationship or marriage, it’s easy to believe that, for richer or poorer, in sickness or in health, love will pull us through

What happens when you realise that your “happily ever after” is no longer happy? When you have that feeling in your gut and you’re just not sure (...)

Laughter and joy are key to a relationship. The financial cost should never be an obstacle to getting married.

Two days away from the Feast of St Valentine, it is good to return to the appeal of Pope Francis when he spoke to engaged and newly married couples du(...)

Taking a break, which could include a night’s sleep, allows each participant to calm down, to get their rational brains back in action.

Never go to bed angry. Right? Wrong. Wise as this piece of advice might seem for married couples and for people in long term relationships, it just is(...)

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