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Christmas fear: if there was ever a season for arguing, we are just about to enter it. Photograph: Michael Goldman/Photographer’s Choice/Getty

Sometime over the next 48 hours you may find yourself having a screaming row with someone you love. Admittedly, that’s at the extreme end. More likely(...)

'I have zero social life and there are days when I have to convince myself not to start drinking at noon. Sometimes I cry, but I mostly feel angry or panicked.'

Question: I am in my mid-30s. I had a good career overseas, but I moved home two years ago because my husband and I didn’t want to continue having a l(...)

‘She has ignored me now for over one week and her wedding ring lies in the room, not on her finger’

I am a 44 year old married man, now living in Germany. I have been with my wife for 14 years, and we have two wonderful children. In a lot of ways we (...)

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PROBLEM: I am in my late 20s and have been in a relationship for the past nine months with a great guy. Our relationship has become serious very quic(...)

A lot of the time an affair happens because something is not working in the relationship. Instead of one or both facing each other about what’s going on, it’s more tempting to project those energies outside. Photograph: Thinkstock

There is nothing random about January being a peak month of the year for relationship counsellors. The combination of the emotional intensity of Chri(...)

Stephen Fry (57) and the man he recently married, Elliott Spencer (27). Photographs: Niki Nikolova/Filmmagic

Age-gap relationships are and always have been controversial, but if you are limiting the pool you choose a mate from by age, you could be losing o(...)

Lighten up, connect mind and body and let go of negative thoughts. That was the message from renowned psychotherapist Dr Trish Murphy when she addr(...)

Control issues can sometimes lead to one spouse bullying the other into relinquishing complete access to their phone, laptop or tablet, and that can be a form of domestic abuse. Photograph: Getty Images

Q I have done something my husband says is unforgiveable. He is barely speaking to me, and the distance between us has never been greater.I had seen h(...)