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In a world where the number of publications is an indicator of your value, women researchers are penalised for any time spent out of the workforce to have children or engage in care duties.

Academic conferences of economists are an important showcase for new research, enabling the exchange of ideas, and allowing authors to benefit from pe(...)

 Traffic crossing the Border near Derry. Brexit provisions  afford the North the unique advantage of being simultaneously in the UK and in EU’s single market when it comes to trade in goods.  Photograph: Getty Images

Brexit, the controversies around the Northern Ireland Protocol and the possibility of Scottish independence and the eventual break-up of the UK have (...)

The wind farm at Bruckana on the Laois, Kilkenny and Tipperary borders. For Ireland, electricity was the one area where we made major progress in reducing emissions. File photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

In advance of this autumn’s global climate conference in Glasgow, major world players have announced new, more far-ranging commitments to reduce green(...)

The North currently runs a budget deficit of £9 billion-£10 billion

Irish reunification would cause a financial shock in the Republic, requiring either a major hike in taxes or a significant reduction in public spendin(...)

Brexit, Scottish independence and a possible border poll has renewed the focus on North-South issues. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters

Economic comparisons between Northern Ireland and the Republic are few and far between. For some reason, perhaps because of the zero-sum politics invo(...)

Moneypoint will  be the location for the ESB’s first move into green hydrogen production. File photograph: Neil Warner

The ESB will today announce that Moneypoint power station is to become a major base for renewable energy tied into the building of a major offshore wi(...)

Over the last 20 years, national income per head has grown faster here than in the UK, and is now about 10 per cent higher than across the water. Photograph: iStock

With the exception of the second World War, there has always been free movement for people between Ireland and Great Britain. This has also included t(...)

John F Kennedy in Ireland in 1963. Photograph: Irish Times

The inscription on the plaque alongside the stark memorial to President Kennedy in Dallas, Texas – the city where he was assassinated – begins with th(...)

The port of Larne. The UK will progressively impose customs and other checks on exports to Brittain over the next few months. Photograph: Liam McBurney/PA

The downsides of the Northern Ireland protocol became obvious at the start of this year, even if they should have been clear before then. However, the(...)

Unless the more polluting choice becomes the more expensive choice, we  have little incentive to change our ways. Photograph: Getty Images

The pandemic has shown us that working together on the island could produce better outcomes for the population North and South, even if has proved dif(...)

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