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Katie Hopkins: Pat Kenny’s guest has described migrants as cockroaches. Photograph: Ian Forsyth/Getty

It sounds like a scene from a bad thriller. A quiet family home is suddenly invaded by a group of intruders, who set about taking over the house. Amid(...)

 Offaly County Councillor and new Renua leader  John Leahy. File photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Renua leader John Leahy has said his party hopes to have local and general election candidates in place in some constituencies by Christmas following (...)

Former Renua leader Lucinda Creighton. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

Since the general election, Renua has ceased to function as a political party in any meaningful sense. In recent weeks, the corpse twitched a few tim(...)

The latest output from the rumour mill is that Wednesday, rather than Tuesday, will be the day Enda Kenny calls the election. Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill / The Irish Times

The moment to call “Time, gentlemen, please!” on the 31st Dáil is fast approaching. President Michael D Higgins is said to have cleared his diary and(...)

Renua Ireland president Eddie Hobbs said it was difficult for new parties to get up and running, indeed it was “near, but not quite, impossible”. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Renua Ireland president Eddie Hobbs has appealed for €1 million in donations to fund the party’s general election campaign – with €20,000 being immedi(...)

Poster of the Week: a hand-made black-and-white creation up on a pole on the main street in Naas, in the heart of Kildare horsey country.

All is fair when love is war, it seems.And it certainly applies when it comes to marriage equality referendum posters. Two in particular are causing a(...)

Lucinda Creighton’s Renua Ireland has hired the well-known political journalist and author John Drennan as one of its key advisers.  Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times.

Lucinda Creighton’s Renua Ireland has hired a well-known political journalist and author as one of its advisers. John Drennan, a former political edit(...)