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Often employers are to blame for dissatisfied workers, but few of them look to do anything about addressing the issue unless they have to

We’ve all had experience of working alongside people who have fallen out of love with their job. Blame it on the boss, the role, the unsocial hours, t(...)

Some workers, nervous in their position, even keep a watchful eye on their colleagues in case they begin to show signs of being slightly too capable

Despite evidence to the contrary, many of us like to imagine that the world would stop turning without us in it. In the workplace, in particular, few (...)

 IBM Watson supercomputer has been integrated into a cloud-based tool from USAA, a financial services provider for the military community.  Photograph: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

IBM Ireland’s Vincent McKey has said the introduction of the company’s cognitive technology supercomputer, Watson, into an online guide that helps US(...)