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Because of new technologies, “we are all monitored and recorded every minute of every day of our lives”, a conference has heard. Photograph: iStock

Ireland should introduce stricter protections to save people from the “depredations” of facial recognition technology, a conference in Dublin has hear(...)

A screen grab from the website of consent app Legal Fling which proclaims to create a ‘live contract’ for sexual activity.

Consent has become a hot topic not just in Ireland but internationally. Alarming studies on the scale of sexual assaults on US university campuses has(...)

A prototype of Harmony, which offers an “alternative form of relationship”, according to its manufacturers RealDoll. Image: RealDoll/YouTube

The robots are coming, and it’s not just your job they’re after. If the futurologists are right you may soon be waking up after a night’s romancing wi(...)

‘I think cognitive enhancers should be allowed for academics’

Cognitive enhancers have become a new addition to campus life. Anoft-cited American study put the prevalence rate at up to 11 per cent among students(...)