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There were 81,000 visitors to Spike Island off the coast of Cobh in 2019, according to Cork County Council.

An exhibition outlining the role of Spike Island as a prison during the War of Independence has helped visitor numbers to the island attraction in Cor(...)

Visitors to the island are taken on a guided tour through its 1,300-year history.

It may well once have been about as attractive a destination as Van Diemen’s Land or the Bastille but the former prison of Spike Island has undergone (...)

Spike Island

Ireland’s answer to Alcatraz has scooped second place in the World Travel Awards coming in ahead of such world famous landmarks as the Great Wall of C(...)

Spike Island had its first artillery fortification built in the 18th century by the British.

Some 100,000 visitors a year are expected to visit Spike Island by 2020, said Mayor of Co Cork Cllr Seamus McGrath as he opened Fortress Spike Island (...)