John Cage

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Michael Pisaro-Liu: ‘It had to do with this particular blending of environmental sound and sort of imagined music you might experience when you wake up’

The Buffalo, New York-born composer and guitarist Michael Pisaro-Liu has written a lot of quiet music. Music where silence is not what you get when th(...)

Samantha Ege

RÓISÍN MAHER Artistic director and co-founder of Finding A Voice with her sister Clíona Who is the composer who means the most to you? That is a tr(...)

Laurie Anderson: ‘I have lots of plans, and they’re always interrupted by opportunities’

It is a beautiful early spring afternoon, full of those surprises of sunshine that make hope seem more like reality when I talk to Laurie Anderson, bu(...)

Aimee Mann: ‘Not seeing other people in lockdown was so stressful for me.’ Photograph: Sheryl Nields

In Los Angeles, it’s early and overcast. “It has that six-in-the-morning feel,” says Aimee Mann, eternally droll, from a home office wallpapered in fr(...)

Elliot Murphy in Berlin: ‘You can’t help but feel for these people you meet along the way – fictional or non-fictional’

On the surface of this earthly Earth, somewhere in Tipperary, the sun gleams off a country cottage. Gravel scrunches as car tyres rotate. There is the(...)

John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1969. Lennon is interviewed alongside Ono in the tape, and speaks with great tenderness of his love for her. Photograph: Anonymous/AP

A fascinating cache of mostly unheard interview tapes with John Lennon is up for auction this month, offering an insight into topics including his fav(...)

Julius Eastman: his deep, sepulchral voice, incommensurate with his slight figure, conveyed the solemn authority of a prophet.

It’s not been a good year for connections between composers, musicians and live audiences. And Kilkenny Arts Festival, one of the few festivals that d(...)

Madness aim to usher in a return to the good times with their new show

Madness and Charlie Higson’s The Get Up! – A Global Livestream Friday, May 14th, 8.30pm, €20, Lockdown has been hard on us all, and it’s(...)

Siobhán McSweeney as Winnie in Happy Days by Samuel Beckett. Photograph: Patrick Redmond

There you are, a very unpopular person who hates the art most people love. A young radical wanting to change the world, you sink into a dark mood when(...)

The dominant images of composer/performers come from the 19th century: Liszt making listeners swoon. Paganini provoking tales that he was in league wi(...)

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