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Mairead McGuinness: part of her  plan involves proposals for national asset-management agencies to be established by EU states to take on banks’ bad loans if required

A cluster of Irish people are involved in bringing lessons learned from Ireland’s economic crisis and applying them across the EU. Ireland’s EU commi(...)

Mairéad McGuinness, the Fine Gael MEP, who has been nominated to serve as a member of the European Commission. Photograph:

MEP Mairéad McGuinness’s nomination to a commissionership with responsibility for banking and financial services will put the Irish woman in a key rol(...)

John Berrigan: the Republic’s top EU civil servant, says the Covid-19 crisis will leave ‘deep scars and irreparable damage’ to Europe’s economy.

The Republic’s top EU civil servant has warned that the union’s fiscal and state aid rules will not be suspended indefinitely. EU member states colle(...)

Philipp Hildebrand: “World dominated by ‘anger politics’ linked to same problem that has more to do with technology than globalisation.”  Photograph: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

Europe’s political and economic future is dependent on the key Franco-German alliance being re-established after important national elections on the c(...)

British foreign secretary Boris Johnson who will be part of the British negotiating team that will hold Brexit talks with a new EU taskforce once Article 50 is triggered.

Ireland is making a concerted push for an Irish official to be appointed to the European Commission’s Brexit taskforce, as preparations begin for nego(...)

Minister of State for European Affairs Lucinda Creighton: “very concerned” at the low number of applications for EU jobs

Irish nationals have held the top civil service post in the EU since 2000 giving successive governments unprecedented access to the main(...)