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Oscar Brophy from Ballyheigue, Co Kerry with his partner Hanka and their baby Miško in Bratislava

Lockdown 2: Electric Boogaloo is in effect in Slovakia. Comedy is dead, restaurants are only allowed to do takeaways, bars are shut, masks are mandato(...)

Emma Mackey. Photograph: Joel Saget/AFP via Getty

Lockdown arrived at a busy time for The Sex education actor. She is about to be everywhere Some parts of the French film industry have, it seems(...)

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Servicing the entrepreneurs

You may have the best creative idea in the world, but it won’t come to anything if you don’t have the right place or proper equipment to produce it. F(...)

Joe Rooney: the comedian chokes up when he tells Ryan Tubridy that his mother died when he was 11

As revelations go, the news that Irish families aren’t always the happiest of entities is akin to saying that Donald Trump isn’t renowned for his mode(...)

Ireland’s oldest comedy improv group celebrate 21 years

Ireland’s oldest comedy improv group will celebrate its 21st with a special showcase this Monday in the International Bar.The group has been performin(...)