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FAI official John Delaney during Saturday’s European Championship qualifier against Gibraltar at Victoria Stadium. Photograph: James Crombie/Inpho

John Delaney will potentially earn €280,000 a year despite being replaced as chief executive of the FAI. The association confirmed he is to take a “s(...)

Tribunal chairman, Mr Justice Peter Charleton (above), is due to decide on whether to allow Ms D give evidence with the public excluded. File photograph: Collins

Evidence to be given on Monday to the Charleton Tribunal by ‘Ms D’, the woman who made an allegation of child sexual assault against Garda whistleblow(...)

Lynda Collins, who died from injuries when a branch fell on her in 2011: her husband Richard Collins, on behalf of their three children and other dependants, sued the owners of the land that the tree was on

A High Court judge has varied an order after media groups said it stopped them from reporting key details of a case brought by the family of a woman (...)