Joe Mcginley

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The Greenway by Iconic Offices. David Lawlor and Amos Unkovich of Brand New Creative use the break-out booths. Photograph: Dave Meehan

“This is Narnia,” says Hazel Shaw as she opens a big blue wardrobe on the first floor of the multicoloured co-working space Tara Buildings, painted by(...)

Joe McGinley of Iconic: “The clientele we attract are a little bit older than at other shared workspaces .” Photograph: Cyril Byrne

There weren’t too many estate agents who had fancy premises and fridges stocked full of champagne during the recession, but Joe McGinley was one of th(...)

Dogpatch Labs’ shared-office space at CHQ in the IFSC. Photograph: David Sleator

Co-working and flexible office space – where companies and individuals rent on a short-term basis in trendy, often Google-like environments – emerged (...)

Companies view shared office space as a place to network, share ideas and benefit from an extended eco-system of like-minded companies and individuals. Photograph: iStock
The sharing revolution

As technology is changing the type of work people do, it is also transforming where they do that work and under what terms and conditions. This is now(...)

The Greenway on St Stephens Green

If Carlsberg did office spaces, they’d probably want to give Joe McGinley a bell. The founder of the Iconic Office group, Mc Ginley spotted a market f(...)

‘Industry 4.0 is about the beginnings of the mechanisation of intellectual labour’
The new revolution

Industry 4.0 – the popular term for the fourth industrial revolution – has the power to fundamentally alter the way in which companies make, distribut(...)

Loyalty to organisations is being replaced by loyalty to ideas and people
Joining the culture club

Former IBM chairman and chief executive Louis Gerstner famously said: “I came to see, in my time at IBM, that culture isn’t just one aspect of the gam(...)

Workspace for rockstars? Part of Brickhouse, Iconic’s latest office space, on Baggot Street, Dublin

Iconic Offices seems like a fine place to do a day’s work. The company specialises in shared office spaces at a number of plush addresses around Dubli(...)