Joe Hanrahan

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Everton goalkeeper in 1984, Neville Southall has recalled that “in the European Cup Winners’ Cup first round we played University College Dublin - a student team basically. Everyone expected a walkover, but they held us to a goalless draw in Ireland and in the last few minutes of the second leg at Goodison had a shot that clipped my bar.”

When asked to select his favourite sporting moment perhaps only a lawyer would choose two games in which his side failed to score a single goal and we(...)

Taking advice  on retirement options is important given their increasing complexity
Taking good advice on board

Retirement options were quite simple and straightforward up until relatively recently. If you were fortunate enough to be a member of a pension scheme(...)

Protecting your nest-egg can be hard work. Getty Images

Consider this. You’re 63 and are trying to decide how best to fund your retirement. You have been quoted a transfer value of €487,500 for your pension(...)

Joe Hanrahan who died in a house fire, featured on the cover of the book “Vanishing Ireland”. Photograph: James Fennell

For the first 81 years of his life Joe Hanrahan kept a pretty low profile. He wasn’t well known beyond the Suirside town of Kilsheelan, in C(...)

Interest rates are at historic lows in Europe and savers are feeling the pinch. But, chastened by their experiences over the past few years, Irish sav(...)