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There is a wonderful moment near the end of the fascinating new documentary The Bee Gees – How Can You Mend a Broken Heart (Sky Documentaries) that sp(...)

Your first guitar. Your first band. Your first songs. Your first record. When you are young, every first is an unforgettable thrill. And when the arc (...)

Bruce Springsteen: ‘Immediate is always exciting, exciting is good. So you get a freshness.’ Photograph: Danny Clinch

The Boss talks about his lockdown experience, reuninting with the E-Street band and his new record Letter To You   Bruce Springsteen is (...)

Bob Dylan’s ludicrously rich archive of song has been mined by the great and the good, the inept and the inane, but rarely has he been covered so tend(...)

Margo Price strikes almost an apologetic note in the press release for her long-awaited third album: “Take me back to the day I started trying to pain(...)

While undoubtedly better late than never, 45 years is pushing it. This album was due to land in early 1975 but Young, reeling from a painful break wit(...)

What could reasonably be expected of a 79-year-old Nobel laureate with 38 studio albums behind him, countless archive releases and a lifetime of touri(...)

Many years ago the late British humorist Neil Innes released a single in which his character induced some discordant notes from his harmonica and acou(...)

Former director of production of The Irish Times, Jim Cooke, who died at the weekend aged 88. Photograph: Paddy Whelan/The Irish Times

The death occurred at the weekend of the former director of production of The Irish Times, Jim Cooke. Mr Cooke, who was 88, played a key role in the (...)

“Because of all this crap that’s going on, it’s on the top of everybody’s minds – it’s all anybody talks about. Basically, the world’s falling apart –(...)

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