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The Government decided  to review the country’s company tax code as it announced it would appeal the EU Commission’s ruling  that the State recover €13 billion in back-taxes from Apple

Minister for Finance Michael Noonan has appointed academic Seamus Coffey to review the State’s tax code which the Government committed to immediately (...)

The Minister  said he was allocating a further €5m to the Revenue Commissioners to recruit 50 extra staff and invest in  equipment to aid audits and investigations

Minister for Finance Michael Noonan has taken aim at the use of offshore accounts to avoid tax, pledging to make it a criminal offence for individuals(...)

Organised by the Irish Tax Institute, the conference will discuss how new tax rules will affect companies and countries across the world

Next week Dublin Castle will host some of the world’s most important taxation decision makers and experts, there to discuss how new global tax rules (...)

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Sometimes it’s the most prosaic phrases that turn out to have the most far-reaching effects. “Fiscal space”, for example, will probably haunt more th(...)

Michael Noonan said fostering innovation would be critical to Ireland’s new economic model and the KDB was designed to incentivise this.

Companies investing in research and development will be able to avail of a new 6.25 per cent corporation tax rate under a new “knowledge development b(...)