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A reader  wants to know where he  can check what Eircom shares he had. File photograph: Aidan Crawley/Bloomberg

I had shares in Eircom/Vodafone/Verizon and, as we all know, we lost out. What I want to know is, as they were public shares, can I claim against loss(...)

Sinéad Gibney and Des Bishop

What is your spirit animal? Des Do you not know yours? Sinéad No. Des Well, I always thought my spirit animal was a dolphin, but whe(...)

Wiley is the one who helped to pen the grime handbook so it’s apt that he steps up with his 11th album at a time when the sound is enjoying a worldwid(...)

It’s only four years since the brouhaha over Colm Cooper going for a few pints after a match created headlines. Photograph: Inpho

Anyone in doubt about the ubiquity of camera-phone technology will have been disabused of their innocence by the horror of Woolwich last week w(...)