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Deirdre O’Kane: ‘I can’t watch the refugee crisis for another minute. I can’t pass another homeless person in the street.’

The homelessness and the refugee crisis is why I started Paddy’s Night in support of Comic Relief. I can’t watch the refugee crisis for another minute(...)

Joanne McNally: never raises the subject of abortion, as though she doesn’t want to take on that responsibility

If Joanne McNally, the Dublin comedian, were to become pregnant next year, it would be known technically as a “geriatric pregnancy”. Such advanced mat(...)

Alanis Morissette: Coming to Ireland next July

What’s Hot Alanis Morissette Coming to Ireland next July, and a musical of Jagged Little Pill is in the works. The Alanissance is here Snoods It (...)

Joanne McNally: ‘I felt like my body was what I had to offer to the world. That was what I was going to be judged on’

“I thought I was doing stand-up but it’s actually dark comedy theatre,” says Joanne McNally about her show documenting her struggle with anorexia and (...)

Carla Mooney gets first go in the  the Red Bull Soundome at Electric Picnic ahead of the festival’s opening on Friday. Photograph: Brian Lawless/PA Wire

SALTY DOG Friday 02.50-03.00 Salty Dog No-Stars: ‘Exile on Main Street’ 01.35-02.30 Otherkin 24.25-01.15 Booka Brass Band 23.15-24.05 DD Allen 2(...)

Parcels headline the  main stage on Friday

Body&Soul Stage Friday 01:00-01:45 Parcels 23:30-00:30 Metronomy 22:00-22:50 Anna Meredith 20:30-21:30 Talos 19:15-20:00 TooFools 18:00-18:(...)

George Hayworth of Bourgeois and Maurice at Kilkenny Cat Laughs

Since 1995, Kilkenny Cat Laughs has become Ireland’s essential comedy pilgrimage, and this year sees former festival director and Kilkenny man Naoise (...)

“I had no idea I was funny until I was in my thirties and I started going to AA meetings,” says author Marian Keyes. “I was telling people all these(...)

“He’s smiling at me. He appears innocent enough but he has a glint in his eye”

‘Okay now Joanne, we’re going to do a little exercise called The Chair Game.” She manoeuvres a large empty chair in front of me. “In your chair now(...)

Pantisocracy is essentially a TV chatshow on radio. Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times

There’s a certain anarchy to late-night radio, fuelled by Red Bull-drinking taxi drivers, night-shift workers, insomniacs and procrastinating students(...)

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