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The majority of cases of Covid-19 in Ireland in the past two weeks have been among the under-45s. Photograph: iStock

"It is hard to put your life on hold, especially when your adult life is potentially just before you,” the World Health Organisation’s Dr Mike Ryan sa(...)

Generation Covid: (from left) Jack o'Neill, Megan Atkinson and Daniel Airey


“Investing in some board games is a great way to connect and experience some shared joy.” Photograph: iStock

This year might be the tipping point where parents finally say no to little heads buried in tablets and touchscreens for the duration of the Christmas(...)

Geraldine Walsh with her children Allegra and Devin. Negative self-talk can affect both adults and children. Photograph: Donall Farmer

Negative self-talk is your internal tormenter telling you that you are not good enough, explains Joanna Fortune, psychotherapist and author of 15-Minu(...)

‘I recommend all families keep a hopefulness jar filled with post-it notes with suggested things to do to make everyone feel better.’ Photograph: iStock

Child psychotherapist Joanna Fortune says most parents with a serious but well-managed mental illness can continue to provide safe and secure loving c(...)

Geraldine and Devin as a baby: ‘Devin was two weeks old when I realised my behaviour, my mood, my attitude and the frightening attacks were more than simply being overwhelmed with a newborn and a pre-schooler.’

Looking down at the bundle of blankets I held gently, but awkwardly, in my arms, I felt an incessant rush of euphoria. An instant feeling of being an (...)

Photograph: Jena Ardell/Moment/Getty

The architecture of our intimate lives is changing. Irish couples have more choice than ever about how they want to design their relationships, and th(...)

The words ‘I love you’ have the  potential for utter disaster.

We all know those three magic little words, welcomed the world over, and no, we don’t mean “tax rebate scheme” or “full, open bar”, but rather the alt(...)

Geraldine Walsh with her husband Barry Walsh and daughters Allegra and Devin. Photograph: Donall Farmer for The Irish Times

There’s a novelty of parenting that gets old very quickly. The part when your little mini-me wants you and only you, no matter how many treats your ot(...)

Summer camps: getting outdoors makes for a change from school

Do you grin or groan when school’s out for the summer? If you’re a parent working outside the home, is it a childcare crisis or, if you’re at home, a (...)

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