Joan Williams

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Trump supporters:  Forty-two per cent of American adults are classified as white working class. For two decades they have seen incomes shrink in favour, as they see it, of welfare recipients, “identity groups”, graduates and the rich.

Did I tell you Donald Trump is a vulgar, foul-mouthed, meat-faced, 71-year-old redneck buffoon? To be honest, he is a fossil-fuel guzzling, Big Mac-ea(...)

Research found that patterns of work and care in parents are reproduced in grandparents, with grandfathers  more likely to be involved in tasks like playing with or transporting grandchildren, whereas grandmothers tend to take on the repetitive tasks such as bathing and changing

When Tracey Cosway’s children became teenagers, she looked forward to re-establishing her accounting career: bumping up from two days a week to five. (...)