Taken Down was divided between its female leads, a wooden Lynn Rafferty and a magnificent Aïssa Maïga

Good TV drama takes us to places we ordinarily never see. The best kind makes it feel vividly real. Despite the suggestion of its title, Taken Down (R(...)

Ireland’s Call: Written and performed by John Connors, the story is a familiar one

IRELAND’S CALL Bewley’s Café Theatre ★★★ Delivered in the cathartically honest style of a counselling session, John Connors’s monologue is as much (...)

Cardboard Gangsters: Noisy, loud, violent and sad

Six years ago, Mark O’Connor, an inventive young Dubliner, impressed festival crowds with his rough-hewn debut Between the Canals. Few young film-make(...)

John Connors in Cardboard Gangsters

“I can’t watch my own films,” says Mark O’Connor. “All I can see are mistakes.” He winces and blushes at the very idea: “Flaws everywhere. Just… no.” (...)