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Some 30 minutes’ exercise a day is essential for optimum health

What started off as a light look at preventing illness has ended up as a virtual guide to living healthily. So, if you believe your health is your wea(...)

Brent Pope is joined by students in UCD ahead of Mental Health Ireland’s 5000 Steps to Wellbeing Walk. Photograph: Robbie Reynolds

Rugby pundit Brent Pope said the “ignorance” and stigma around people’s perceptions of mental health conditions needs to be challenged, particularly a(...)

Former president Mary McAleese taking wine after receiving Communion at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, in 1997. Photograph: Frank Miller

Former president of Ireland Mary McAleese has been appointed among the first ever honorary lay ecumenical canons at the Church of Ireland’s Christ Chu(...)

Comedian Al Porter has spoked out about mental illness

You wouldn’t think twice about taking a painkiller if you hurt your back, but the option of taking an antidepressant can really divide opinion. Everyo(...)

All therapists are  aware of the stigma associated with admitting to suffering from a mental health problem. Photograph:  iStock

There is no them and us when it comes to mental health problems. Every one of us has either suffered from some form of depression, anxiety, obsessive (...)

Prof Jim Lucey:  “There is no health without mental health. Mental health deserves all the funding it can get; it is really about it being a human right.” Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

Jim Lucey isn’t happy with where he’s sitting. We’re in a hotel on the quays, about to start the interview. He’s perched on a sofa in the foyer, at ri(...)

In 1988, a patient began seeing Dr John Griffin (above), then a consultant psychiatrist at St Patrick’s Hospital in Dublin.   By 2012, the patient had informed the medical director of St Patrick’s, Prof Jim Lucey, of his dissatisfaction with the care he was receiving.  File photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times

The patient in the St Patrick’s Mental Health Services case was seven or eight when he was sexually abused by an elderly cleric in his home town. The(...)

Many carers are up all night: “We’d go to bed and after about an hour or two he’d start shouting, ‘Get away from me.’ He was terrified. We’d have to get up and tell him that he was safe and to calm him down.” Photograph: Thinkstock

Joan Higgins lives outside Claremorris, Co Mayo and cares for her adult son John* (not his real name) who resides in the family home. The 31-year-ol(...)

Jim Lucey: said recognition of the importance of emotional health was “necessary and progressive”. Photograph: Dave Meehan

Our path to recovery as a nation can only be sustained by promoting our emotional and mental health, a leading psychiatrist said last night. “I(...)

Previous generations in Ireland did not talk about their emotions, and there a sense that it was shameful, especially for men, to show emotion. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

How do we deal with our emotions and their consequences in Ireland today? Are we any better at discussing our feelings now than we have been in the(...)

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