Jim Harter

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Only a third of women view organisations as empathetic compared with 70 per cent of men. Photograph: iStock

Empathy has an evil twin. It’s called narcissism and there’s a lot of it about in the C-suite. The narcissist boss is a familiar phenomenon. He or she(...)

The emphasis of performance reviews should be on the positive and focused on the things you want to applaud, encourage, improve and change.

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is coming and, for many employees, so is their annual performance review. Ask most people if they are happy wi(...)

Working for a bad boss can be hugely demoralising, so it’s important to remain pro-active and highly visible to those who could change your situation. Photograph: iStock

Good bosses are appreciative, communicative individuals who make their staff feel valued and help them do their jobs better. Difficult ones do none of(...)