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Montreal’s Jacques Greene has taken his sweet time getting a debut album together. Over the past while, releases for LuckyMe and Night Slugs have outl(...)

Many of those finding their way to Cristiano Crisci’s new album will be following a trail set down by his craftsmanship on Paul Simon’s last release. (...)

It’s amazing what you can do with a bunch of voices and drums. When Luisa Gerstein of Landshapes and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs put together t(...)

The time is right for music that hits hard, and Freedom Is Free is one such. Call it a reaction to the strange and menacing times we live in, or perha(...)

Going on the span and depth on show here, Jidenna has yet to come across a genre he doesn’t like the look of. The Chief is a barnstorming affair, a re(...)

Detail from Jane Fortune’s house

Who is continuing the tradition of the great Irish folklore gatherers of the postwar years: Séamus Ó Duilearga and Seamus Ennis, and Alan Lomax in the(...)

For their third album, Brooklyn freak-pop seekers Landlady leave the handbrake off and see where the trip is going to take them. Led by Adam Schatz, L(...)

There’s a line in Steve Barrow’s sleevenotes, the ones accompanying this latest deep dive into the Studio One archive, about the influence of US soul (...)

Time to hear the bassist get wicked. Over the past few years, Stephen Bruner has began to accumulate quite a stack of accolades for himself. From prov(...)

Naturally enough, bass is what brought Adrian Sherwood and Rob “Pinch” Ellis together. Between them, the pair of producers have an in-depth understand(...)

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