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Talos aka Eoin French: “I’m a fan of beautifully made things, I love the idea of people spending time crafting things”

Architects deal in straight lines, but it’s the twists and turns which one of their clan has taken on his musical career which are far more interestin(...)

All music fans have pet groups who, to their puzzlement, are not as well known or successful as they think they should be. With every passing release (...)

Something very interesting happened to Joey Bada$$ between albums: he found a focus for his narrative. Debut album B4.DA.$$ suffered from the weight o(...)

Depending on how you count ’em, this is Taylor Kirk and friends’ fourth or sixth studio album. Along the way, the Canadians have gained a rep for spoo(...)

A change of scenery and a new look for Montreal scratch DJ and producer Eric San. He came to prominence on the back of skilful turntablism which creat(...)

The bumping and stomping sound of good times in New Orleans, Hot 8 Brass Band know what it takes to get the party started and keep it going until the (...)

The powerful people, in the view of south London twins Will and Matt Ritson, are the people on the ground as opposed to the numpties at the top. That’(...)

Alejandro Ghersi’s soundscapes have attracted many admirers. Aside from his own releases, the Venezuelan producer has worked with Björk (he was all ov(...)

Drake may favour the playlist, but Atlanta master-blaster Michael Williams is still down with the idea of the mixtape. The second in the Ransom series(...)

Time for Arnaud Bernard to look east once more. It’s a decade on from when this particular series began and the French producer’s third and final set (...)

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