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Film-makers have been including Jesus Christ in movies since the birth of the medium. The Son of God has, for the most part, been treated with bowed r(...)

Superimposed Christ image and Daniel Serrano: a court in Jaén ordered  Mr Serrano to pay €480 for committing a crime against religious feelings.

A man who posted a picture on the internet of his own face superimposed on the body of an image of Jesus has been fined nearly €500 by a Spanish court(...)

David Cameron eats his Pringles: we’re just reporting how silly the others are for reporting this

Deadly seagulls stealing our lunches, killing our sheep and threatening to swoop off with our children in their malevolent beaks have made a big splas(...)

What does the festive season mean to followers of Karl Marx? Image: Imagno/Getty Images

An anthropologist studying the celebration of Christmas in Ireland would be forgiven for thinking it is principally a festival of consumption. Accordi(...)