Ben Affleck: ‘I started drinking more and more when my marriage was falling apart’ Photograph: Magdalena Wosinska/New York Times

Warning: This is not one of those celebrity profiles that uses a teaspoon of new information to flavour a barrel of ancient history. There is no parag(...)

Jessica Simpson in Encino, California.  The singer and fashion mogul is ready to talk about addiction, sexual abuse, John Mayer and everything else. Photograph: Ryan James Caruthers/The New York Times

On a top shelf of a built-in bookcase in a dark and donnish study of a home here sit several copies – some first editions – of a story about chasing s(...)

Marcus Fox: “I stood in for someone on set; the next day I was flying to the Caribbean. It can be that simple”

When you work in Hollywood you get to “meet people you wouldn’t normally meet in an office”, producer and director Marcus Fox says of his illustrious (...)

Destiny’s Child performing on the eve of George W Bush’s inauguration.  They also sang at his inauguration ceremony on  January 20th, 2001 in Washington, DC. Photograph: David McNew/Newsmakers

Donald Trump must feel like the kid who gets picked last at every schoolyard kickabout. The incoming US president’s team will have wanted his inaugur(...)

A Democratic Party supporter in Louisville takes down a sign supporting Jack Conway, the defeated candidate in the Kentucky governorship election. Photograph: Philip Scott Andrew/The New York Times

A California state politician, a Democrat from the San Francisco Bay area, wants a Bill passed that would allow people to take selfies while castin(...)

Martha Stewart Living made its founder a billionaire in the dotcom boom but both her and her brand’s fortunes have ebbed. Photograph: AP

US businesswoman and television personality Martha Stewart has sold her media and merchandising business to a retail licensing group for about $353 mi(...)