The Walking Dead returns, but are we who still watch it those walking dead of the title?

Zombie films and TV shows have always been metaphors for society’s deeper anxieties at a particular moment in time. George Romero’s Night of the Livin(...)

Jedidiah Goodacre plays a young film star, while Rose Reid is a student on a semester abroad in Finding You

Last week, we heard a few flutters of the pious – ultimately doomed – argument that, when it comes to football tournaments, Ireland will never gain ma(...)

Jess Kavanagh listens respectfully to Alan McGarry on Eating with the Enemy. Photograph: Virgin Media Television

“In this brand-new social experiment, people from all walks of life are paired up with their direct opposite and guided through a menu of questions,” (...)

Ciara McQuillan with her sister. ‘It had taken my mother’s daughter many years of searching and overcoming obstacles, but she had persevered.’

As a child, I was something of an amateur sleuth. I never liked the word nosy, it held negative connotations for just being curious or inquisitive. It(...)

‘All these people  on social media talking about  the Blasket Islands or  the Aillwee Cave . . ?’ ‘Yes, they’re all in Quinta do Lago’

“I say let’s drive the entire thing,” Sorcha goes, “from Malin Head to Mizen Head. Ross, are you even listening to me?” I’m not, by the way? Me and t(...)

This week Delia Derbyshire was honoured with a posthumous PhD from Coventry University for her amazing work at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Derbyshir(...)

Lynn Ruane and Niall ‘Bressie’ Breslin.

What is the worst advice you’ve ever received? Lynn: I find that hard to answer because I have a tiny small number of people to go to for advice and (...)

Jessica Fletcher, a hero steeped in death

So the new Time Lord is Jodie Whittaker. The columnist pretends to splutter tea. What? A Time Lady! A Doctress! A Whoman! I mean, can women even be do(...)

Adèle Haenel: bizarrely deadened as a caring doctor

No film critic with a heart wants to deliver the news that the Dardenne brothers have coughed up a dud. Jean-Pierre and Luc – who are among the exclus(...)

Veronica Mars 2:15

The initial gossip about this diverting private-eye drama has all been to do with the means of its financing. Fans of the TV series have, since(...)