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Elaine Feeney: For all its cruel awakenings, this is also a book about friendship and community

“What I really wanted to say just then, was that being dead doesn’t scare me, in fact I give it very little thought. Dying does. Those few moments. Th(...)

Author David Brennan’s debut Irish novel gives us a vibrant new take on an age old story

If there are only seven basic plots in storytelling, as the maxim goes, you have to hand it to authors down through the ages for their loaves and fish(...)

Angela Readman

Friendship and community are at the heart of Angela Readman’s debut novel Something Like Breathing, a charming and quirky tale about two girls growing(...)

Jess Kidd: won Costa Short Story Award 2016 in London last night

She must be a good friend because on Mammy’s day off we catch two buses and walk up a billion stairs to visit her. It’s an estate like ours, only with(...)

Jess Kidd: The author “has a lovely, unforced style, but perhaps she still needs to find the right genre to showcase her talents”.

Poisoned scones, letter bombs, a hero who sees dead people and a 1970s Irish village desperate to maintain its pious facade: the ingredients for myst(...)