JoJo  has an imaginary friend - a dopey, goofy rubber-faced Hitler, played by Waititi himself

Taika Waititi is the director of the hugely popular Hunt for The Wilderpeople and Boy, both of which showcase his own heartfelt whimsical comedy, and (...)

Director Mike White attends the premiere party for his latest film Brad’s Status in Toronto. Photograph: Leonard Adam/WireImage

At 47, Mike White, the remarkably talented writer, director, actor and producer of School of Rock, is enjoying the most feted year of his already glea(...)

If you’re not a fan of Stiller’s neurotic, self-absorbed turns in While We’re Young  then this squirm-making social satire from Mike White  is not the movie for you.

There comes a moment in this latest film to feature Ben Stiller having a breakdown when, mid-whine, his son’s friend, Ananya, calls him out on what sh(...)