Industry analysts AlixPartners estimates that some 7.7 million car sales would be lost this year thanks to the chip shortage. Photograph: Adrian Dennis/AFP via Getty Images

Volvo, along with Ford, has decided in some markets to start offering customers the option of buying cars with a little less standard equipment if the(...)

Prices start at €28,990 for the 1.3-litre petrol and €30,490 for the hybrid version

Given Ireland’s love affair with the crossover, it’s hardly surprising Renault has added another one to its model mix. The Arkana crossover lines up n(...)

‘The newer a car is, the more likely it is to have the very latest active and passive safety equipment.’ Photograph: iStock

It used to be said that one of the deciding factors when choosing a family car was the number of cup holders it had. Not any more. Though they’re stil(...)

If you’ve been paying attention over the past few years, then it can’t have escaped your notice that SUVs have essentially taken over the entire car m(...)

Renault has put its 10 years of electric car production experience to good use with its latest refresh of the Zoe. The third generation Zoe changes li(...)

According to a study published in the renowned scientific journal Nature, dealer sales staff seem at best unsure, and at worst positively hostile, towards electric power

We’ve all seen the latest doom-laden report into climate change and global warming. And are all doubtless now feeling the same creeping sensation that(...)

The Renaul Zoe 4.0’s cabin looks quite nice and while the quality of the cabin plastics is pretty flimsy, Renault’s engineers have clearly been hard at work as there was not a single squeak nor rattle from within the car

Range confidence, that’s an idea. As coined by Renault Ireland’s product manager Jeremy Warnock, it’s clearly intended to be the flip side to range an(...)