The charge that equities in the United States are in a bubble is not new. File photograph: iStock/Getty

The charge that equities in the United States are in a bubble is not new. The Big Short investor Michael Burry is issuing bubble warnings, as is iconi(...)

About 5 per cent of America’s biggest stocks are in extreme bubbles, says Ray Dalio of Bridgewater. Photograph: Vega Alonso

Markets have been shaky recently, with bubble talk increasing among nervy investors. On the one hand, you have investors like Jeremy Grantham, who war(...)

Jeremy Grantham: ‘There was no insult that was not good enough for me, not just senility and old age and complete ignorance about bitcoin’.

Veteran investor Jeremy Grantham received a torrent of online abuse recently after dismissing the investment appeal of bitcoin. That abuse, says Grant(...)

Fevered price action in the likes of Tesla (chief executive Elon Musk, above) doesn’t mean the wider market is a bubble. Photograph: Alexander Becher/EPA

Signs of speculative excess are not hard to find right now – just look at the price action in Tesla and bitcoin. Are markets getting bubbly? Stocktak(...)

Tesla electric car: Manic activity in stocks such as Tesla is contributing to the fourth great bubble he has witnessed, says Jeremy Grantham of GMO. File photograph: iStock

The United States stock market is now a “fully-fledged epic bubble”. So said Jeremy Grantham, iconic investor and GMO founder in a strikingly bearis(...)

Citigroup strategists expect stocks to tread water this year. Photograph: iStock

Jeremy Grantham’s belief that the US market is in bubble territory is not shared by most observers. However, you don’t have to be a bear to be concern(...)

The more Covid-19 cases, the greater the potential payoff from pursuing a one-dose regime but there are obviously risks involved. Photograph: Tino Romano/EPA

Lots of smart people think we are experiencing another stock market mania. Prominent investor Jeremy Grantham says the market is in a “fully fledged e(...)

The consensus is that another decade of US outperformance is increasingly unlikely. Photograph: iStock

The last 10 years have been great for the US stock market, but the next 10? Not so much, says fund giant Vanguard. It estimates US annual returns wi(...)

Veteran money manager and bubble expert Jeremy Grantham described the current market a ‘real McCoy’ bubble

High valuations and crazed speculative bets from inexperienced day traders – is the current market a “real McCoy” bubble, as veteran money manager and(...)

Traders wearing masks arrive before the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on May 26th. Photograph: Johannes Eisele/AFP via Getty

“One of the most impressive mismatches in history.” That’s how GMO founder and veteran investor Jeremy Grantham describes the current market in his la(...)

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